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The intent, and our ultimate goal, at of Mr. E in the D is to educationally inspire our audience in a way that fosters a life long love for learning

- Mr. E


Mr. E. is an educator, musical producer/artist, content producer & Actor. In every part of his profession he utilizes the arts to be an electric conductor of change! 

In his  role outside of his children’s music & web series, through Mr E in the D which is an Emmy award winning children’s show “The Mr E show.” He is the Dean of Culture at University Preparatory Academy-Ellen Thompson. He is in charge of creating & monitoring in school programming that supports an exciting environment conducive to learning. He is  intentional at having a restorative approach to behavior instead of a classic "discipline" model.

When Mr.E observed a large number of students struggling to both learn & retain knowledge of multiplication facts, he developed & released, “Math Mixtape: Volume I”, which is a compilation of songs that teach children multiplication facts to relatable and catchy instrumentals. Youth as young as 3 have learned to count in multiples as a result of this innovative project. He has recently released “Brain Break” songs to assist in bringing balance to those who learn virtually & also a  Sight Word mixtape to help engage early learners in the area of reading! In addition to musical releases, he’s partnered with the City of Detroit to produce a children’s program entitled “The Mr. E Show!” This dream started in the 80's watching vintage PBS. The sights and sound were always so magically mesmerizing to him! He has always wanted to produce a show that mixes Detroit's flavor with retro PBS! The 1st episode was nominated for a regional Emmy. The 2nd & 3rd episodes were Emmy nominated and we took home the gold, winning the Emmy & this was all accomplished on a zero dollar budget! Mr. E has worked with youth & families for over 20 years in various capacities.He’s done extensive work with the Boys & Girls Choir of Detroit, the YMCA ,"Off The Streets,"which was a local teen homeless shelter & have volunteered with Incarcerated Youth Ministries, where he mentored young men who were locked up. Mr. E has also done a Tedx Talk about reimagining what education can look and SOUND like & recently recognized by the Detroit historical museum for his innovative take on edutainment! All of the things that he  does connect together for a greater purpose. To Empower youth and families in his community through various capacities of the arts & dismantle negative stereotypes while doing so! 

His wife is a Passionate Educational Transformer, she is a Principal for DPSCD. They have four artistic and energetic children who also love to actively learn and assist him in content creation and production for his youtube web series!



Sight Words!

The Mr.E Show!


© 2017 by MrEintheD

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